Why loose leaves? It's the traditional, healthiest, eco-friendly method of enjoying the peace and health of tea. Brewing the whole leaf contains the most flavor and releases all the health benefits. Although we enjoy and sell teabags, loose leaves have no waste when brewed so enjoy tea the way nature created it!Check out our selection now!
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Pangea Tea Company is a unique place that blends the tradition of tea with Southern California cool, a cultural hot spot for the hip; blended backgrounds, experiences & diversiTEA. Tea is a perfect match of the health oriented 'lo-cal' meets 'so-cal' vibe. Nothing matches that healthy lifestyle more than the aromas, textures and beneficial qualities of loose leaf teas. We serve premium, high end teas and accessories to all, so be sure to pick up some Loose Leaf Teas, SpecialTEAs and Tea Hardware now!